Marketing works!

The other day I submitted Vidrio to /r/macapps. At the time of writing, it has 6 measly upvotes, and 110 views. From those 110 views, I have 9 installs on the Mac App Store, and 11 direct downloads. 20 installs from 110 views seems pretty good.

Then I submitted Vidrio to /r/Mac. It got just 5 upvotes. From here, Vidrio got 146 installs on the Mac App Store, and around 200 direct installs.

This is after a long period of zero or one installs per day on the Mac App Store. 5 upvotes on Reddit can get 350 installs. Marketing works.

I wrote this because I want to improve Vidrio's marketing before going to town. This post is my own, and not associated with my employer.

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